Ocean Freight

P Square Logistics offers international ocean freight services for the imports and exports of FCL/LCL shipments of containerised, general/breakbulk cargo, and project and ODC cargo to a variety of global destinations. We offer a wide range of containers, from small to large, allowing us to provide customers with a guaranteed capacity for their products. We provide comprehensive global coverage of major sea ports and cargo hubs with the assistance of our global and Indian partners.

Road Freight

We can deliver your cargo anywhere in India and around the world via road and rail. We provide safe and cost-effective inland transportation that is flexible enough to meet customer demand.

Air Freight

We have strong relationships with all global air carriers, allowing us to offer importers and exporters the best time and carrier routing options matched to your delivery times and destinations. The P Square expert team is more specialised in providing a full range of air freight solutions. Our extensive team, located in various locations, assists in providing the appropriate services as requested by the customer.

Courier Services

P Square Logistics provides the best international courier services on the market. Courier mode is ideal for all small cargoes. P Square Logistics provides the best international and domestic courier services in the market. We can arrange transportation and on-time delivery for our customers by selecting the best courier service for their goods. Our contract rates provide you with competitive charges, allowing you to make courier service more affordable.

Warehousing & Distribution

We have warehouse facilities in a variety of locations. All of our warehousing facilities are safe and secure, with proper lighting, security, and CCTVs, as well as the necessary kitting, palletising, packing, sorting, stuffing, and destuffing equipment. To expedite cargo to its next destination, a fleet of well-maintained trailers with experienced drivers is available. We have our own trucks to ensure that the cargo is picked up and delivered on time.

Customs Clearance

We offer novel approaches to global customs programmes. Our strategy is to provide the best value in terms of timely customs document processing. We consider your customs "value stream," which includes compliance, release, and analysis, as a way to effectively manage costs. As a compliance-driven organisation, we are well-positioned to comprehend and address the complexities of global, regional, national, and local trade regulations and agreements.

Cross Border Logistics Services

Our strong international connections have made us forerunners in cross-border shipments, particularly between Indo-China and other ASEAN countries. We've been providing this effective service with our strong network and modern fleet of trucks, allowing us to provide high-quality service to our customers. We assist our clients in taking their businesses around the world with minimal hassle, allowing them to focus solely on their business while we handle going beyond borders for them. Our fleet of strong and modernized trucks, as well as other specialized transportation methods, make us the first choice for anyone looking for the best service and integrity throughout the shipment when doing cross-border shipping.